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I’m a child of the 60’s, a baby boomer! The word peace had such a different meaning back then. The war in Vietnam was raging, the Beatles were riding in a yellow submarine and Tim Leary said just drop some acid and drop out! John Lennon’s song “Imagine” perhaps is the rare remnant of that turbulent time that transcends our generations?  We now think of peace as being comfortable in our own skin. I would love to see us all fight for peace in the world like we did back then. I for one have reached so deep for such inner peace that I have often forgotten about the real struggles in our world. Perhaps the real inner peace we are searching for comes from helping others find theirs? Suppose everyday, we just reached out to one new person who could use some help, a hand up or a kind word? Would that not really give us “Inner Peace”? I guess I still have some work to do, how about you?

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2 thoughts on “FollowCraig: ?Peace?

  1. Nice thoughts. It actually takes very little effort to help someone every day. Most of us in the working world get very busy in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. Diana and I like to get together with friends on Friday night and we make Street Snack bags. We then take these lunches to local parks and shelters on Saturday morning.

    It really is not difficult to pay someone a compliment, open a door, tip a waiter etc. All of these activities promote peace withing our world. That’s how I see it my friend!

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