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the paycheck” I’ve been a very lucky man all of my life. I grew up in a good family and lived pretty damn good. As a teenager I went to work along with attending school. I enjoyed having my own money and the freedom that came with it. I was able to buy cars, nice stereo equipment, take my girlfriend out and so much more. As I grew older my career provided a great income for myself, my family and as always it felt good to earn my way. I always took it for granted that my income would never really stop and I would always have success. Well as I and so many others have experienced, sometimes the paycheck stops. I never prepared for such a life changing event as losing your career and your income. I’m sharing this portion of my life journey in hope that if you or someone you know is going through this, that it can be fixed! I made many mistakes after the loss of my sales job in 1999. I found it difficult to just move forward. How could I “Craig” the man with the bold career possibly tell anyone I needed work and would be humble enough to start over. Let alone let anyone know that I was downsized and fired so to speak. Having no paycheck and no income begins to create no self-worth. Men especially need to earn a living, we need to have a little jingle in the jeans. The paycheck is often the only measure a man has to rate and value his life. Often I have spoken of finding my faith over these years, but not so much about finding my self-worth and confidence. Today, I gratefully state I have earned a paycheck. It’s not just about the money and it’s not just that jingle in the jeans either. Receiving a paycheck truly causes you to feel valuable again. After almost 13 years of on again off again jobs, being underpaid, starting MLM businesses, being promised or just believing I’m in the right deal I have finally come to realize that simply earning a paycheck is a wonderful feeling and I for one have missed it! It takes a lot out of a man when they cannot or don’t have that job that defines them anymore. My advise is not to follow my path of fear and shame, but rather stay working. If your job is gone, take anything to keep busy and earn that paycheck. Once you begin to lose your felling of self-worth and value it can take forever or like me over a decade to get it back. Believe me, it’s overwhelming and exhausting.

Today my life is very good, I am happily married and now a fresh beginning to an old career. I’m earning my way again and my feeling of self-worth is retuning with a humble vengeance. My faith is strong and I expect my life to be long. No matter what happens today in my life, I am prepared. “the paycheck” is a gift from God and it’s up to us to protect it, preserve it and use it wisely. Hold on to you’re self-worth no matter what obstacles fall in your path. After all the real measure of a man is not his paycheck but rather his character.

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2 thoughts on “FollowCraig: “the paycheck”

  1. Wonderfully written. I understand the situation. I lost my job a couple of months ago. I passed through four months of unemployment. It was hard for me due to the fact that I am single. However, I can say that through that tough time God was with me and, through my church, he sustained me.

    I found a job as a part-time cashier now (already been two months working at the supermarket). And I can say that God still provides my needs… now through this job. He is good.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

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