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Can you imagine the year 1882? Our country was so young, barely 100 years old. Automobiles, trucks, buses and airplanes just didn’t exist. We had no radio or televisions and certainly no iPhones. Telegraph communication was the norm and the post office was invaluable. In fact most homes didn’t even have indoor bathrooms. People worked in factories, farms, markets and so many other places without coffee breaks or health insurance and the 40 hour work week was unknown. Many children had to quit school at young ages to work and support their families. The industrial revolution was upon America full swing in 1882 and what is now known as the middle class had its beginning. It’s through all this the America we know today was built and in most part by the American worker yes, American labor.

Although history is unclear who really proposed the Labor day holiday, we know the Central Labor Union of New York was responsible and celebrated the fist holiday on September 5th, 1882. Later this day was to become the national celebrated day we now enjoy. The original idea was to have parades and picnics to recognize the American worker. A day that all workers would be able to relax with family, friends and self.

It is so interesting and amazing that in a time when we did not have all the modern conveniences of today a movement of such importance and value was conceived, organized, executed and still survives. America is a wondrous country, our American workers have always been and still are the backbone of our Nation.

This Labor Day weekend of 2012 serves to remind us of what these men, women and children gave to our country then and now. May our families and friends celebrate in humble memory and warm embrace of us. God bless America and American Labor!

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