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I’m so tired, my life sucks, the world is nuts, work sucks, so much traffic, my kids are driving me to drink and the list goes on. How often do we say these lines in our daily life? What about this one, I wish I could have that, I sure want that new or this piece of ….. is broken again? Yes, we humans are surely a bunch of complainers. We can find just about anything to complain about every minute of every day. The oddest of all is how we don’t even seem to know we say it. Whenever someone we know says these things, we may roll our eyes and just say to ourselves “here they go again”. But looking and listening to ourselves is entirely different. Perhaps we should keep a tape recorder strapped to ourselves for just one day and then play it back. What surprises would we hear and would we roll our own eyes?

I wonder if the words we say to ourselves, those statements we utter under our breath and the ones that would make our own eyes roll end up feeding and supporting the outcome of our life? It seems that the more we express our unhappiness with something, the more we become unhappy. If we think we don’t have enough money, it gets worse. If we talk about how much our boss sucks, the more he does and so goes the job. This is the “karma” of life I’m sure.

I walk around for example saying to people when asked “how are you”? I respond just great “Above Ground!”. What kind of statement is that?

I truly think we are all nuts. Isn’t it time we stop and listen to ourselves, think about what we utter under our breath or even what others may really hear when we speak?

A positive life begins within us, a daily minute by minute, hour by hour refreshing if our minds. Starting with the belief that life is not about having what you want but rather wanting what you have. Remembering that life is precious and short so what we make of it matters. How we speak to others also speaks to us. What if when someone asked how are you?, our response would be “Absolutely Great, and just how are you doing? When we have a difficult boss or job, just look at the best part of being there instead. Speak to the positive side of every conversation and look forward not backward when thinking of our day. So if it holds true that what we say feeds us, then how about we start feeding ourselves better word foods. This sound easy doesn’t it? Well it actually is however breaking old-established habits are not so easy and that leads to another part of the positive life “new habits”. because just as difficult as it is to break old habits also holds true for the new ones.

As I have said so many days of my life “Great, above ground”, today I will start with I’m Absolutely Great, and just how are you doing?
I’m still writing, You’re still reading, so please keep following…….



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