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Think about this, I’m 60 years old and I was wowed today! Let me share my day with you or at least a small part of how that came to be.

I was invited to a business event held at Travis Air force base in Fairfield, California. Now I have never been on an air base in my entire life, so this experience in of itself was thrilling. The day began with about 20 guests being treated to a great lunch at “The Officers Club” on base and then a tour of the Doolittle Air & Space Museum. If any of you know of and remember the remarkable story of the famous Doolittle raid of World War II, it’s an incredible part of history.

Now for the “Wow”, we were escorted access the tarmac past several very large airplanes. These were KC-10’s, great big incredible machines. Just looking at the airplanes up close is beyond imagination and nothing like the what we see in movies. So big, so powerful and looming. As we walked to an open KC-10 with a set of stairs leading almost two stories to a side door just behind the captains cockpit, I just felt this incredible sense of wonder mixed with good old American pride. As I walked up those stairs and into the aircraft to see the chairs for the crew somewhat placed like the first class section of a modern jet mixed with the utility of an army truck, my eyes and mind continued to be amazed. The interior was of the most utilitarian and functional decor, painted gray mixed with a hint of green tint. So very stark in color and so descriptive of power. As I looked to the right just past the two rows of seats a panel made up of straps and a blanket type material separated the small and dedicated passenger area from the cargo hold area. This cargo area is so large it can hold at least 50 full size automobiles. Under the cargo area were fuel tanks that are designed to re-fuel other aircraft in flight. Yes, this was one of those planes we see in the movies that drop a hose down to the nose of another flying jet and fill it up. Now comes the wow, I was invited to the rear if the plane to a set of stairs that led to a small space meant for only two or three people. This space had three chairs facing the rear of the aircraft with a very large window facing down 45 degrees. As I found out this glass is the largest pressurized glass ever made. Just behind this glass was one chair with armrests on either side. These armrests had two handles much like you would find on a video game console and above this chair was a panel of switches and levers. This is where the operator of this console lowers, positions and executes the fuel hose used for re-fueling of these powerful jets. I was just in awe of seeing this but even more so to actually sit in that chair. Yes I was able to sit in the same place that perhaps less than a week ago a young man would have been just doing his job of filling up the gas tanks of the fastest machines on earth while in flight; Awesome! These planes travel to every corner of the world, every day and every week of the year. This was the real deal, not a toy or old stripped down museum shell of a plane but rather an active on duty machine! It’s an amazing thing to see and even more so to visit the people who operate them. Our host for this event was a young Major who has a family of 6 kids, the young man who operated this boon was only about 25 years old and full of youthful enthusiasm for his career. For me I was a kid again for just a few minutes. This was truly a “Wow” moment.

It’s fun having a career again, having my life come so far from where it has been over all these years. As my business contacts and new friends come into my life I am blessed to be able to share moments like this with you and so many others. I surely hope and pray that your day today offers up a “Wow” moment for you. Everyday really truly is a “Wow day”

I’m still writing, you’re still reading, so please keep following……

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