FollowCraig: “Philanthropy”

………and you’re still reading

Philanthropy? So what is it and do you need to be wealthy to do it? Let’s just take a moment and define: phi·lan·thro·py
1. altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.
2. the activity of donating to such persons or purposes in this way: to devote one’s later years to philanthropy.
3. a particular act, form, or instance of this activity: The art museum was their favorite philanthropy.

Do you know any “Philanthropists”?

People like Bill Gates, J.D. Rockefeller, Warren Buffet and so many more. Just what drives people to give away their wealth and time? Long ago in an interview with Jerry Lewis, he said that giving is really the most wonderful selfish gift anyone can do. I truly understand that feeling, the wonderful feeling you have when you are able to help another human being. In the months to come I will write about and share some amazing stories of philanthropy and the impact on all our lives.

I sure hope you continue to follow my journey as I begin to investigate and share all the wondrous things people in our world do to lift us all.

I’m still writing, you’re still reading, so please keep following………



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