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Dawn of Usha

So it’s rare that I have nothing to say.  Usually something is happening in my life or a quote goes by on Facebook and this leads me to ramble on about something or another.  I have dozens of posts in my head waiting to be written and published, pacing myself.  But today, I was sitting here trying to think of something to write about for Motivation Monday.  “Resisting Resistance” – no saving that for a Thoughtful Thursday.  I’ll write about excuses!  No, that doesn’t really fit here either.  Then it comes.

Why do we need motivation at all?  We know what’s good for us.  We all want to eat well and nourish ourselves.  We want to move our bodies and challenge them to be their best.  We want to strut down the street instead of shuffle.  We want clean homes, fat bank accounts, and free time with our children.  Maybe…

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FollowCraig: “Shiny Shoes”

……and you’re still reading

Just how real are you? I was watching an interview on 60 minutes recently profiling Mr. Steve Jobs of Apple fame. The biographer of Steve Jobs life shared a story from “Jobs” youth. His stepfather taught him how to build many things and one was a fence. His stepfather told him, always build the fence so it is just as attractive on the back of the fence as the front. Perhaps no one will ever know or see it but you will always know what you’ve built.

It may seem to some that this is perfection in the making or some OCD thing. But doesn’t it really describe integrity and character? It’s what we do that no-one may ever see or how we behave when no-one is looking that truly defines ones character.

My Grandfather always had wonderful small statements of fact to simplify the experiences of life. One I will always remember..Craig he would say, “Always be wary of a man who only shines the front of his shoes” I have always remembered that statement and to this day I always shine the back of my shoes because you never know who’s looking?

I too have many statements of my own making and one I will share is this: “I would rather wear a real Timex watch rather than a fake Rolex”. Being real, being of good character and integrity sounds simple enough but it’s not always easy. It takes a bit more work to build that fence so it’s attractive on both sides, a little bit more polish to shine those shoes completely and refrain to resist the temptation to wear a glimmering fake Rolex.

I’m still writing, you’re still reading, so please keep following……