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’10’, yes 10 years…

Many of you have read about the day the Demons came, you know the Demons that appeared in my head so many years ago. Many people have had their own night of Demons, you may know that event or life experience that changes everything and points you to a path you never expected to travel. My own was that of ending a lifetime of drinking and becoming sober. Oh, I remember that time so vividly as if it was yesterday.

So many people have just stopped and like me turned their life a full 180 decrees. Some of us call that time our sobriety date or a date of rebirth. But what is sobriety? Does it just mean we have stopped an addiction to some personal destructive behavior? When I stopped drinking, little could I imagine the life ahead. It has taken several years and so many experiences to finally just begin to understand what sobriety really is.

I used to believe that sobriety was just about not drinking or for others not using drugs or booze and such to feel better and escape life. Perhaps part of that is true but I have found so much more.

By definition sobriety means:

1. Gravity in bearing, manner, or treatment.
2. Moderation in or abstinence from consumption of alcoholic liquor or use of drugs.

Here is what really happens when living a truly sober life. “It’s Peaceful

Overtime everything changes and integrity takes over. No longer are you living a sober life but rather a life of integrity. As I have learned over the last 10 years is that when we no longer use alcohol or some other chemical to escape but rather live through each daily experience sober, we become at ease. We learn to face obstacles, problems and our emotions with a clear outlook. Overtime that outlook becomes reality. In my own life it’s honesty not only to others but myself as well. It’s knowing that the bills I’ve stacked up in life both those of finance and conscious are paid, promises are kept, stories are untold. Life changes so much when living in sobriety. My perspective of life overall is different now. Today I care more about others, the concerns of the society around me matter, my spiritual life and my beliefs matter. The opinions and feelings of others matter and I listen. I’ve learned to be more patient and forgiving. Crazy as it sounds, work is even more fun than ever. Yes, 10 years of sobriety has and is changing me.

I’ve been lucky and even blessed. I have been given a chance to live a full and very promising life. My children and their families are healthy, strong and of good character. I am married to whom I can only describe as “the Greatest partner God could give a man” and I love and cherish her so much.

Being sober and living this sober life for 10 years now has at times been challenging and scary. However as I look back and look forward, it’s today that matters most. It’s the person I’ve become or actually becoming the person I am supposed to be that brings me peace. Today I know, I just know what serenity, sobriety and integrity are and what it feels like to live it. I encourage anyone who wants to live a peaceful life to go ahead and reach out for it, it’s there for you.

Thank you for letting me share a little of my life journey with you.

I’m still writing, you’re still reading, so please keep following……….



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