FollowCraig: “If I only had the time”

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About two weeks ago my son called and asked me for help buying a car. Now this should not come as any surprise to those who know me as I have been in the automobile sales business for many many years. So why not help my son, it’s only a car? I live about 600 miles from my son and it was fortuitous that I was heading his way with my wife for a Southern California vacation. When the day came to drive from my lovely vacation spot and head to see my son, I just thought this experience was going to be about buying a car and in the purist sense it was.

As many of you may know, the experience of buying a car often takes time, a lot of time. The time to settle on a car, then the process of buying it. It seems so much time is waisted in order to accomplish this simple task. As my son and I began this frustrating and time consuming journey, we found ourselves alone together just waiting for whatever step would happen next. Normally this time exhausting exercise would just wear a normal person completely down. Many of you who have experienced purchasing an automobile know the feeling. Why can’t they just get this done and let me get out of here are certainly the thoughts.

As this purchasing process began to unfold something very strange began to happen, something magical. No, it was not the excitement of my son getting his new car when all was done. Rather it was that time, that long and laborious time. This five or so hours of sitting, waiting, wondering and talking. Oh, did I just say talking? The magic of talking…

It has been over 31 years since my son was born and nearly 15 years since we really have spent some time together. Oh we have the normal phone call or visit and even text often, however not this thrown in a room together opportunity to be just us. The kind of time to learn about each other, the things in our lives and personalities that we both share. We spoke of the past, the today and what might be. Yes time, that long time we sat waiting became the most wonderful and productive time I can ever remember. Just me and my son talking.

So after all those hours my son smiled with joy as he got his new car and I received the greatest gift of all, time with my son. Later that night when I finally was home at our resort a note was posted on his “Facebook Page” ; just spent a great day with my dad

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FollowCraig: “I’m still behind”

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A co-worker today said to me when I asked of her day; “Oh, Ok but just running a little behind”. How often have we said or heard those words? I stop and think of my own life and how busy it seems, running a small business, taking care of things at home, being an attentive husband, driving to the office, talking to clients, being active in community affairs and the list goes on. “Always a little behind”

Our lives can get so cluttered with so much to do that it’s easy to forget what a joy life is. When the opportunity comes for me to slow down and just think about all the blessings and gifts that I’ve received in my life, it doesn’t take long before I become grateful for everything. It’s true, my life is very blessed. If you have been following this blog for any period of time, you can easily know by now that my life has traveled many paths and I’ve experienced much. Gratitude for all I have today and what God has given to me is everything. Living a life filled with gratitude truly is a joyful way to live as it creates the path to “Living Forward”

So then, what do you say when ” You’re running a little behind”?

I told my friend at work today…

“That’s Great! It’s good to always have something to look forward to”. She just smiled, laughed and said; Craig you’re always such an “Optimist”

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