FollowCraig: It’s Over! “I Quit”

You’re still reading and I’m still writing……
Have you ever just reached the point when you say to yourself, it’s over? In the course of my life I have come to that conclusion many times. Most people don’t know this about me but for a period of time in my life I had become a victim of a very abusive and destructive relationship. My days and nights were filled with fear of both personal danger and that of self induced guilt that I was not good enough to please my partner. My personal self esteem had dropped to basement level depression. The continual pain mixed with keeping face and struggling to be optimistic that life would be great if I would just be better. Not to many years prior to this disaster of a relationship, I had also been a total drunk.

Oh yes all the crap you could think of doing wrong, I did it! I’m sharing some of these stories of my life experience for both the selfishness of just getting rid of it as well as being hopeful I can encourage just one person that it’s ok to just stop!

Several years ago and for many years at that, I just flat lived way beyond my means. I don’t mean only paycheck to paycheck but rather just flat stupid overboard. I would earn great income, spend a fortune in cocktail lounges, always picked up the tab, bought whatever I wanted and never really worried about paying anyone or any bill on time. My bank account would often be overdrawn and my behavior reckless at best. It had become so important to be liked that I would recklessly sacrifice all level of integrity to just survive and pretend I was really great! What a crock of sh..!

I remember when I first actually heard the words “just stop”. It happened while attending a sales seminar in Salt Lake City, a seminar that was given as a gift to me. While I was at the event our host and guest speaker began talking about habits. One habit in particular struck home. Simply he said if you are a person who has a habit of writing bad checks, always bouncing checks, etc. he asked and stated that you can just “STOP”

Just stop and say, it’s over..No More!

Not long after that day and as I began to think about my own life, it all seemed so simple. I really could “just quit”. What a concept, just quit one behavior and do something different. I had to ask myself, could I really just do that? I laugh at myself today when I reflect back to that time in my life. That time when I always was scared that someone would find out who I really was? I’ll let you in on a little secret..I Did It, I just Quit! After all the years of trouble I had caused for myself and others this was an early beginning for me, a few small steps and little decisions that have transformed my life. I finally just quit that abusive relationship, I finally just surrendered to the fact that integrity does not include bounced checks and broken promises. I just slowly began to quit these behaviors and create new behaviors. I can say with candor that it was not always easy but it was simple.

Today and as the years have passed I have learned that when needed, I really can just quit and change my behavior at anytime, any day or at any moment. This also holds true about careers, business, winning and losing. Today as an example, I Quit! Yes I quit my job and it felt GREAT!!

Now to be totally frank, I re-structured my employment and have stepped out on my own as a business owner. However it was time to “just quit”. The point I am hoping to make is simply that quitting is not losing as so many people may tell you? Rather quitting can really be a fabulous turning point in your life. Perhaps the thought of troubles we all so often make for ourselves or the hurtful words we use with those we care about? Perhaps that nasty smoking habit, that drinking or even eating? Perhaps not being kind to another when we are in a hurry or frustrated? Over and over again I have truly found that when I finally surrender that trouble or behavior and “just quit” my life become open and peaceful again.

Just one more small thing, thank you for reading what I write here from time to time on this blog. It is my pleasure to share some of my life with you. Not because my life is anything special or really any different from yours and others? It’s just I sort of know what it’s like to go trough stuff and it helps to know I’m not alone and neither is anyone else. We are all part of the same grand family of humans. Life happens to all of us, it just so happens writing about it is healing.

I’m still writing, you’re still reading so please keep following…….