FollowCraig: Birthday’s

It’s been a while but I’m still writing….

Don’t you just love Birthdays? When I was a kid birthdays were always so much fun. So many people, family and friends would celebrate “ME”! WOW, that was GREAT. My Special Day. Oh my, the ice cream, the games, the presents..all because I was born.

Of course all these memories come to me as I am about to to celebrate another birthday. In just a couple of days I will reach a milestone of 65 years old. Truly never could imagine back when I was that kid with all those presents and ice cream that I would ever be this old! Funny though I don’t feel old at all, not at all!

If you have been reading my blog posts over the last few years it may have occurred to you that my life is and has been very blessed. Oh yes the troubles have come, the pain, the hurt, the loss and so much more. However with all that my blessings have been so many. I have two wonderful children who have become such terrific healthy adults with families of their own, my home life is so stable and wonderful, my home is peaceful and beautiful as well as having a beautiful boat and so much more. My health is good and my friends are many. Yes my life has been good so far.

So now it’s my birthday and the looming age of 65..awesome. Someone asked me the other day if I am retired and it was so exciting to answer “NO, I’m re-wired” Now you may wonder what that means to be “re-wired”?

For so long I have been telling my story, you know that story we tell of how things were or what we used to do or used to be? That great story of all we have done or not done, the troubles and the joys. This list goes on and on. Remembering our past and all our experiences is truly wonderful and as we grow older and wiser these memories become even more dear to our life story. Now that I am about to be 65 it is so important to me to never forget my past. This however brings me to “re-wired”.

It came to me not long ago that the a definition of getting old is: “ When you are talking more about what you’ve done than what your going to do, you”re getting old”

Re-wired! New thinking…

As I pointed out earlier, Birthdays are wonderful and for me it was mostly the gifts and I did love the gifts! So this his year I have decided to give myself a gift. It is the greatest personal gift I have ever given to just me. You may be surprised as this gift actually does not cost any money, it’s not some new toy or some fancy dinner out. No-one else is gifting it to me as it is only a gift to myself. Now you may wonder what could it be? As I used to say “perhaps it’s a silver new nothing with a hole in it?” No, its not even that.

So this is my gift!

I have decided to get a “divorce from my story and I’m getting on with my truth!”

This is my a little ice cream!
You’re still reading and I’m still writing…

So please keep following..