FollowCraig: Changes!

I’m still here…….

So it’s been a while since I have placed words on paper and sent them out to the world.. Much has happened since my last writing. My wife and I sold our home and our beautiful boat. We made a list of things we wanted and where we wanted to live as well. To that end, we moved from our beloved Bay Area to a desert. Mesquite, Nevada to be exact. Construction of our new home is nearly complete and we are here building the next chapter of our lives. My lovely wife retired and of course I just re-wired.

So much has happened since we last spoke like this. Our country is being transformed by a new administration and as you may easily guess I am not enthused. My health is great even considering the last major surgery I experienced in January and my weight and BMI scores are improving. Our cute little dog “Clyde” is as happy as ever to call me his person. So life is good!

You may wonder why I bother to update my life review like this so openly in a blog? I think it’s simply who I am. You may remember in past posts I have spoken of my struggle with alcoholism as well as my experiences with pain from various times in my life. The faults I know I have and what I attempt everyday to do not to feed those faults. I have spoken of my faith and why it is so important to me. It can probably be said that I am pretty normal. My life is not so different than anyone else, most of us have ups and downs, happiness and joy, pain and hurt even loss and sadness. Then there is fear and hope, what a life driver these are?

Now that I have updated you, I’m going out on a limb here. I want to speak up and say that I am afraid..really afraid. The fear is the state of our country and how we fit in the world? I really had not thought about this much all these years. Of course I vote and read and even express my thoughts on Social Media, etc. It’s this underling disruption of people, the underling fears and hatred of others only because they look or pray differently. I am unhappy about greed. Greed never seemed to be part of our world so much when I was younger. See, I don’t know what to do about this? I don’t know how we can fix it? I always believed that America was the place to look for hope, that shining star on the horizon. This great experiment where people could govern themselves. I feel like we all have been hi-jacked somehow. So tonight I needed to let go a little and share my fears. Perhaps you have concerns as well? I think it’s time to speak up however soft or strong our voice’s are. We must pay attention to our values, standard and beliefs. We must apply these values when we vote and as we live in our communities.

I do not wish to be afraid like I am feeling now. I hope I am not alone?

As I said earlier, my life is good. God has been good to me.. I guess it’s time for me to speak up and do what I can to help others have a “Life is Good” feeling.

Thanks for letting me check in..

I’m still here, and I’m still writing so please keep following,