About Craig

I’m Craig Petersen…

I’m a guy who is now 66 years old, can’t believe I’ve lived this long? I’m married for the 3rd time and very happy. My age and having children qualify me as a grandfather. So you may wonder why would a 66-year-old grandfather ever be doing writing a blog?

Although life is good to me now it has not always been so. Over the last 6 decades of life much has happened. Twists and turns within my career, my family and friends. I have struggled with drinking, with loss, depression, my weight, success and failure. I believe that many people like me have gone through a lot of changes in their life by the time you hit 50 or 60 plus. Perhaps these changes haven’t happened to you yet, but they will. I’m writing because I have lived through some really big changes. It’s my hope that my experiences and solutions can be of help to others. Perhaps some of you can even help me as well. So since we are not pushing up daisies yet let’s have some fun!

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5 thoughts on “About Craig

  1. I’m only slightly” younger”(in my fifties) so I can relate. Life has had it’s UPS and downs,but God has been faithful through it all.
    And as for your age being some sorr of disqualifier with regards to technology,we were there at the beginning,and we’re still needed as well as of value in an era that has no values,tecgnological or ethical,or moral. You have more to offer than they’re willing to admit.

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