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Oh my G..! It’s moving day again. What a stressful and crazy thing it is to move from one home to another. The excitement of the new place to live can certainly be a joy and yet leaving the old can be so very exhausting. I remember when I was young how often our family moved before I was even 10 years old, (it was like once a year). Then we bought a home and I didn’t move again until my late teens. Then again, it never stopped. For years to come I had lost count how many homes, apartments, rooms and such I have lived. After all these years one would think it’s easy for me to pack up and go?

Well it’s not.

I think the hardest part about moving are the memories. In my life as I have moved from place to place and many things have been lost. Most were just things that could easily be replaced and some are impossible to ever replace. Memories however remain and for me often that is all that remains, so I have learned to covet these memories. All the experiences like the kids playing or the first time they walked or talked. That first report card or the loss of someone dear. All the celebrations, all the tears and all the memories that can only go into boxes, “Mind Boxes” packed away to be opened from time to time and just for us. My mind is filled with these “Boxes Packed” full of joy, sadness, love. emotion and photographs of my life so far. Little time capsules of sorts?

As I listen and watch others who are moving from place to place, my curiosity to know what they are feeling is certainly a wonder. Yet I know like me their memories are stored away.

This all comes to my mind as this move is upon me. Almost seven years ago my life began to settle from years of moving and no longer did I feel like a gypsy wondering where I would sleep next. This has been a wondrous experience and I cherish it so much. So now as we get ready to move to our new home it occurs to me this may very well be my last move. All the “Mind Boxes” are coming and they filled to the brim, and some are even ready to be opened for the last time. Pictures of life experiences and family will be placed on our walls so we can easily peer into those boxes of life. I am excited about this move, I truly am. An excitement of content so to speak, one of content within myself.

My dearest friend “Claude” said to me years ago that there are few better feelings than having a key to your own front door. How very true that is! I have had a key to my own front door for sometime now and I am so grateful.

I hope if you are moving or have moved that you can find a way to keep your memories close, that you too can find peace and be settled. That you can be in a place to begin opening your “Mind Boxes” and look forward to the new joys ahead.

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FollowCraig: Green Demons! “the next day”

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Remember my Green Demons? In short, this is how the following day unfolded. God truly let me sleep and I awoke feeling so rested. So much different from the day before, it was nice. I was still frightened as everything in my life was screwed up! I found myself in my kitchen reading a phone book that seemed to just open to the Alcoholic‘s Anonymous phone number. I really was not looking for that number, it just appeared! So I called, they were nice and gave me an address of a meeting happening that day. After some him-hawing around I got dressed up (shirt & tie) and drove to the noon meeting. The meeting place was at an old run down dive bar on Sahara Blvd in Las Vegas. There were a bunch of motorcycles outside and what looked to me some real lost souls. I will never forget walking in only to see all these people drinking coffee, smoking, talking, playing games and such. Not at all the kind of place I would ever hang out at. What was this place? I’m in a suit and all these people look like biker people. Did I come to the right place? I was shocked to say the least, but I stayed. About noon people began to move thru an open door leading to a room filled with several tables and chairs. A lot of people all taking seats so I finally sat down in the middle of the room. The door closed and the meeting opened. I don’t remember much about the meeting, but I wondered about the list of 12 Steps posted on the wall. People began to introduce themselves and when my turn came, I quietly said I’m Craig and this is my first visit. I was so nervous and no one looked like anyone I would want to visit with. However something kept me sitting there, listening and crying inside. I thought to myself “has life had turned to this, was I one of these low life’s“. When the meeting ended and we were moving out to the common social area a fellow came up to me and just asked if I would like to have a cup of coffee with him? Sure I said, why not? It’s funny now but I don’t remember his name and I have never seen him again. We talked for what seemed like hours, I just opened up and he listened, I cried and he gave me towels for my tears. He never judged me, he just welcomed me. I didn’t feel alone anymore, it was as if some small voice was telling me I would be; OK. As we spoke another fellow stopped by and introduced himself, his name was Bob D. Now he must be the head A.A. person I thought as he was dressed very well, looked like Kenny Rogers and walked with confidence. A very charismatic man, my kind of guy! He gave me his phone number and invited me to a “Speaker Night” the following day. He said I should come, but if not at least call him. I said; OK Bob! When the afternoon was over my head was spinning. What is this A.A.? What about those 12 Steps posted on the wall? Little did I know the path my life would take, the journey to unfold ahead of me?

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