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We have a cuckoo clock here at home that is rather old and holds great sentiment to my wife. We also have a wonderful grandfather clock that holds so many family memories. I just love wind up clocks. They remind me of a wondrous creative time when artist, science and craftsmen come together and create often beautiful or even whimsical keepers of time. Time is very interesting and even more so the methods we use to keep track of it. I remember my son never really grasping the concept of a clock with hands that revolved in a circle but rather was more comfortable with a digital clock or how in awe I was when first learning of the atomic clock in Colorado. Have you ever looked at the beauty of a watch and wondered how all those little pieces just keep working so well together? It’s amazing how much effort, thought and imagination it must take to create these wondrous devices. Then time itself is so fascinating as we all have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds everyday. No matter who you are or where one lives, time is the same for all of us and no one knows when God will call us home. So why do we have such a fascination with time and what would we do if we never kept track of time with all these clocks? What if we never knew what time it is? What would you do if you really had no concept of time?

I love wind up clocks and watches and the attention one must pay to setting them. Our cuckoo clock needs to be wound every 24 hours and if you forget, it just stops. Our grandfather clock lasts 7 days before it just stops. These clocks are much like life, in-fact very much like life. Weather each clock is a 1 day, 7 day or even 30 day wind, these incredible machines must be maintained or they just stop and re-starting them always requires a reset. Sometimes our lives need to be reset when we haven’t maintained our standards, integrity or our faith. Like these wonderful timepieces, daily, weekly or monthly winding often prevents having to reset.

Perhaps comparing wind up clocks to life seems odd however much like clocks we really can reset our lives anytime we want. And we can maintain our lives with daily, weekly or monthly maintenance. Some of us call this faith and prayer.

It so happens that my favorite clock is our “7 day wind” grandfather clock, as I wind it every Sunday before heading off to church. I believe God is the real keeper of time and our beautiful clocks are there to remind us of his love and his precious gift of time.

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FollowCraig: “1882”

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Can you imagine the year 1882? Our country was so young, barely 100 years old. Automobiles, trucks, buses and airplanes just didn’t exist. We had no radio or televisions and certainly no iPhones. Telegraph communication was the norm and the post office was invaluable. In fact most homes didn’t even have indoor bathrooms. People worked in factories, farms, markets and so many other places without coffee breaks or health insurance and the 40 hour work week was unknown. Many children had to quit school at young ages to work and support their families. The industrial revolution was upon America full swing in 1882 and what is now known as the middle class had its beginning. It’s through all this the America we know today was built and in most part by the American worker yes, American labor.

Although history is unclear who really proposed the Labor day holiday, we know the Central Labor Union of New York was responsible and celebrated the fist holiday on September 5th, 1882. Later this day was to become the national celebrated day we now enjoy. The original idea was to have parades and picnics to recognize the American worker. A day that all workers would be able to relax with family, friends and self.

It is so interesting and amazing that in a time when we did not have all the modern conveniences of today a movement of such importance and value was conceived, organized, executed and still survives. America is a wondrous country, our American workers have always been and still are the backbone of our Nation.

This Labor Day weekend of 2012 serves to remind us of what these men, women and children gave to our country then and now. May our families and friends celebrate in humble memory and warm embrace of us. God bless America and American Labor!

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FollowCraig: Ordinary People

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Yes, there was a book and a movie titled “ordinary people” and it was a wonderful story. However this is a different story, a story of life, love, hope and faith. Each of us have life experiences, those little or at times large events that shape us. Some of us live in fear of being found out or just fear of not being liked. Some of us fear love and especially giving love, perhaps because we have been hurt. Some of us lose hope or perhaps continue to hope. But really, how many of us have faith?

I have had quite a life, I was born to an ordinary mother and father out of love. My mother was a secretary and my father was a young marine. My grandparents were ordinary blue collar workers who lived an ordinary life. I believe there was a lot of love in my family, however I’m not sure we ever shared it enough. Just ordinary love I guess? I know we always had hope, I sure did. For me hope was confusing because I never could figure out the difference between hope and dreams. As a young man I would dream of the day when I would have a beautiful home, beautiful expensive cars and would live like a king! Was that hope? Later in my adult life I began an ordinary career, married and had children. Just like any other ordinary family and like my childhood, we shared just ordinary love.

Then for me the ordinary became the extraordinary. Now one could think that would mean I became a famous person or a man of great wealth and influence. None of that has happened. In fact by all accounts, I am just an ordinary man. Except for one thing, my extraordinary faith. Faith is a wonderful gift and it didn’t come easy for me. After several years of living a life of hopes and dreams, thinking that if I ever would reach those dreams how happy I would be. Little did I know that faith was the real prize.

By all accounts I have experienced a lot of pain and disappointment over the course of my life. I have also experienced so much joy! Whenever I begin feeling that all is failing, I just stop and remember this lifetime of joy that has surely superseded any pain. After all these years and all the searching to find my way, God held his hand out to me and gave me this wonderful gift.

Today I am an ordinary man living in a world of ordinary people blessed with this extraordinary faith. I thank God everyday for this gift and all the wonderful gifts I have received in my life.

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FollowCraig: U+ME+?=1?

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U+Me+?=1? Is this some secret formula, something like H2O? Well kind of! It was sure a secret to me? When I married in the late seventies, I was so happy! My life was going to be just perfect. A wonderful woman, a daughter already in the family, my career was soaring and as they say: “my future was so bright; I had to wear shades”. It’s funny though, when your own life is not built on solid ground, when you don’t know your own standards it’s easy to begin drifting. I sure did, I was living in fear and didn’t even know it. That fear drove me to a very self-centered existence, Craig first, career 2nd, family and wife somewhere in the rear. I did whatever I wanted! When I traveled out-of-town on business, I would visit “Strip Clubs and Bars of every sort” I would be the big shot at every party, pick up bar tabs, wore plenty of gold and very expensive custom hand-made shirts! So very much about Craig! No one would really ever believe I had a wife and little girl at home? This was my behavior before my son came along. After he was born, I got even worse. So it’s known, I love my son with all my heart! It’s just at that time in my life having children and a family interfered with my busy playtime. As for my wife, she went to work, stayed quiet, didn’t speak out about her feelings. She just read paperback love stories all the time. It’s not until now at this time in my life that I get it! In a recent post I am “Housewife”; I am Man! | followcraig., I spoke of the three most important persons in every relationship. Do you know who they are? Some would say it’s both partners plus God or both plus the children. In fact when I married for the last time a little over a year ago, my pastor spoke of this. He said the three people in every relationship are the two plus God. I disagree! The most important persons are; the two plus the relationship itself. That relationship, like children are born of the two. It is so to speak their first child together, it must learn to crawl, walk, be fed, housed and loved. Both partners must pay attention to this gift. We will always have our personal lives, our desires, our own passions and that is what brings us together to create this relationship. It’s up to each partner to covet their relationship, to feed it with love, faith and attention. God is always watching over the relationship and it’s partners. These things I know!

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FollowCraig: “My Life, My Wife”

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It’s 11:00 am and I’m just in time. As a Limousine driver being late is just not an option. So here I was picking up a fare to take to an airport, just a regular day. Then she came out of her house, right on time with an incredible smile. She was just so nice. As she sat in the rear I could see her in my mirror as we spoke. Some small talk at first, then we began to get to know each other some. I really liked her an even though I did not want to get involved with someone, wouldn’t be nice to meet someone like this. After getting to know each other a little I handed her my business card with my cellphone number. I suggested she ask for me the next business trip she scheduled and then said goodbye. What a doll I thought while driving away. A week later my phone rang and it was her. I was so surprised and so very happy. She sort of asked me out. Without hesitation I decided not to blow this! This woman with such a beautiful smile and eyes was going out with me. Often I’ve said in this blog I am a blessed man. We are married today and I would not trade our life together for anything in the world. no one else in the world is like my wife and I love her like nothing else in the world. I will fight for her and us no matter what!. She is my wife and my life.        I love you Baby..

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FollowCraig: “Bad butter; Good butter”

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My grandmother would have all her grandchildren and such sit at our own table away from the adults. Our dinner would be the same; however for our bread and toast we had to use margarine (Oleo) rather than butter. She called it bad butter. One of my aunts would share photos of friends and family with little cutouts of the people she no longer liked removed. Another grandmother would wait until everyone opened up their Christmas presents so all of us could watch her open and comment on hers. She would then tell us which item will be re-gifted to whom and why. And of course the children were to be seen but heard. I so wanted to be a grown up! They were in charge that’s for certain. As time has passed and I reflect on my own children and grandchildren, I now see so much of my character traits in them My son just the other night said “Dad, I’m so glad your writing a blog. I am finally understanding why I feel and do the things I do”. We learn our habits very young and we end up teaching our children the habits and flaws we carry. I suppose that’s true of most families. But it does make me wonder what if those photo memories were full, the Christmas gifts received and shared were of gratitude, the children could be heard and that we only had “Good Butter?”

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FollowCraig: Thanks!

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It’s time to take a short break from writing and say thanks to all of you for following me. This is one of the most enjoyable adventures I have ever experienced. What a joy to share my thoughts, ideas and my crazy personal life journey with all of you. Your comments, encouragement and support means so much. I’ve decided just for today to list a few of my recent and most viewed posts for you to read, comment on and perhaps share. So once again, thanks for following….


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