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Does it ever seem that life moves forward at a lighting speed? I wonder sometimes if it’s an American trait or do others in the world think the same. We want everything so fast. I remember when fax machines, remote control televisions, push button phones, and so many time-saving technologies didn’t exist. We had very little fast food restaurants when I was a kid and now look at them everywhere. Our need for fast food is so overwhelming we in America have become just plain fat. We want everything fixed now and have no patience for quality or long time solutions. I’m not writing this to be political however that is even the case. If you can remember, the number “6547” was the Dow Jones industrial average on March 9th. 2009. Look at it today and we think our recovery isn’t fast enough? Just 10 days after that day in history I met my wonderful wife. Even for me these years and months have moved so very fast. I truly think we move or think we should move faster than God really wanted us too. How long has it been since you sat down with your family and enjoyed a meal without the television on in the background? How long has it been since you just went on a stroll through a park to enjoy its beauty rather than jog? A picnic with your partner, mailed a letter or a card rather than an email or e-card? I know how vital in today’s world it is to keep in-touch and be available often at a minutes notice, however perhaps we should consider slowing things down just a little. I remember many years ago my very best friend in High School and his father who was a very nice man and who had worked very hard all his life. A fast paced career for his time and had never spend time enough with his family. He retired, bought a motor home and was about to begin relaxing after all those fast paced years. Just 6 days after retirement, God called him home.

We never know when our time will be over, so let’s make life the best time ever! Set goals, make plans and look forward always. Help others, be in the present, don’t look back. Just never ever forget the beauty and joy of life that surrounds you. As we used to say, take time to smell the roses as they haven’t found a way to do that on your iPad yet.

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So I’m here at home watching a television show about our digital age while writing on my iPad. Later I will review this story on my home computer, edit and then post on; Twitter, Facebook and so many other social media sites using the “Internet“. Would I have ever imagined years ago, when we only had a black & white television, phones with dials and connected to the wall with springlike cords, typewriters (not electric) and the list goes on that I would have an iPad? Not in a million years! So Fast, in just over 45 years or so much has changed. just the other day someone shared a photo of an Internet minute. Have you ever looked to see what happens in only a minute on the Internet? It’s astounding! Life does move fast, it has for me that’s for sure. Now at 60, my children are grown with families of their own. It still seems however like I am still in High School, the world is moving faster than ever and I still love being in it and everyday opens up to a new and thrilling future. Yes we do live in a more and perhaps better connected world and it seems as if we are traveling the speed of light. However when I hear others say we are moving to fast and we must slow down, I wonder what that really means? To me slowing down is not the real objective but rather to keep up, continue to learn, stay connected with the world, engage in life. The wonder of being older is that rather than slowing down, we can look back and reflect on our experiences. Use that knowledge to keep moving forward. A lot does happens in an Internet minute, but experience happens throughout a lifetime. So stay strapped in and hold on!

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