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Special Post: A few years ago while having some difficulty in my life and my marriage I wrote this particular post. Our Pastor and my friend “Rev. Lon Haack” helped me through that difficult time with this short story. I of course wrote about this experience and perhaps aired a little too much personal laundry at the time however that’s another story. The reason for this post today is that this coming Saturday January 16th, 2016 we will be attending final services for our friend Lon. He passed away in November just before Thanksgiving while on a visit with his family in Nebraska. He was taken by a cancer he did not know he had until it was discovered much to late to stop. I will miss my friend so very much and remember all the times he and I spoke of so many issues including life, theology, politics and more. He was a very well educated man who had been fortunate enough to travel the world. Lon was a long time resident of San Francisco and enjoyed the city so much. So with all that said, I say good-bye Lon and thank you for allowing me to be part of your continuing journey…..Craig

R.I.P. Rev. Lon Haack


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Two quarters, two dimes and two pennies. So just what does 72 cents have to do with anything you may wonder? That was the question I asked of my Pastor just the other day when speaking about my own marriage troubles. Do you ever wonder about your own relationship? Perhaps like me, mistakes happen? You and your partner are having trouble and just wondering is the relationship worth it? Do you think you care more than your partner about the relationship? Should you or they just wash their hands of it and walk away? Do you ever ask just how much are you or your partner are willing to invest in making it all work? So when speaking with my Pastor about this very subject, he suggested we do this. Each of us to take the penny, the dime and the quarter along with an empty envelope. Go to quiet place both in mind and heart. Look at that money, think about the love between you and the life you have or want. Clearly determine how much that relationship is worth and how much you are really willing to invest in it. Take your penny, dime and quarter in your hand. Put the amount you think your relationship is worth into that envelope. There is no time limit to this or a right or wrong amount. Only your own value, your willingness and the value you place on this relationship is what matters. Share if you want or not, but you will know for certain the value you place and then decide how much more to invest if any? I know the value of mine, do you know yours?

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FollowCraig: Intersection

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Several years ago a movie titled “Intersection” played at the theaters for a short time. Not a big hit but none the less important, at least in my life at the time. You see the story is about a man who is having an affair and has reached a decision point in his marriage. Whether to leave the wife and marry the girlfriend or not. Just as he has made his choice and is driving to the arms of love his car is struck at an intersection and he then lays deathly injured at a hospital. Both women show up at his bedside and the stories of each love affair is told through the eyes and hearts of these women. These intersections or crossroads happen in life to all of us. Not all are an affair or betrayal. Nor are all crossroads so dramatic as the movie. At that time in my life I was having an affair and the story played a big part in my decisions I made at the time. The road I followed took me to the life I have today. Without taking a chance, had I played it safe my troubles may have been less but my happiness and sense of what could have been would always haunt me. I am not recommending by any means to have an affair or that it is right in any way. In my life it seems the choices I have often made were the obvious easy ones, not the more difficult. Kind of like driving, the right turns are often easier than turning left. However each time I’ve turned left to the more difficult highway I seem to end up the happiest. In my story I did leave my marriage, not for the other woman but for a life I longed for a life I would only find by making hard choices. My journey to today has been bumpy and filled with many crossroads and intersections. The greatest thing about taking the left turns is the joy of the journey. If all we ever do is play it safe, take the easy turns and go down the easy roads that lead to those places we believe are safe, we may never really experience true love, true peace and self content? As I watched the movie come to an end and only guessing what his choice might have been before the accident, did he go home at peace? We can never know how our own movie of life will end or what God has in his plans for each of us. Whatever roads we take the left or the right they each lead to our destiny. I was told once that the “World is a stage and we are the players” If that is true, then God must be the producer, director and writer of the our story. That leaves us to enjoy our journey!

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