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Does it ever seem that life moves forward at a lighting speed? I wonder sometimes if it’s an American trait or do others in the world think the same. We want everything so fast. I remember when fax machines, remote control televisions, push button phones, and so many time-saving technologies didn’t exist. We had very little fast food restaurants when I was a kid and now look at them everywhere. Our need for fast food is so overwhelming we in America have become just plain fat. We want everything fixed now and have no patience for quality or long time solutions. I’m not writing this to be political however that is even the case. If you can remember, the number “6547” was the Dow Jones industrial average on March 9th. 2009. Look at it today and we think our recovery isn’t fast enough? Just 10 days after that day in history I met my wonderful wife. Even for me these years and months have moved so very fast. I truly think we move or think we should move faster than God really wanted us too. How long has it been since you sat down with your family and enjoyed a meal without the television on in the background? How long has it been since you just went on a stroll through a park to enjoy its beauty rather than jog? A picnic with your partner, mailed a letter or a card rather than an email or e-card? I know how vital in today’s world it is to keep in-touch and be available often at a minutes notice, however perhaps we should consider slowing things down just a little. I remember many years ago my very best friend in High School and his father who was a very nice man and who had worked very hard all his life. A fast paced career for his time and had never spend time enough with his family. He retired, bought a motor home and was about to begin relaxing after all those fast paced years. Just 6 days after retirement, God called him home.

We never know when our time will be over, so let’s make life the best time ever! Set goals, make plans and look forward always. Help others, be in the present, don’t look back. Just never ever forget the beauty and joy of life that surrounds you. As we used to say, take time to smell the roses as they haven’t found a way to do that on your iPad yet.

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FollowCraig: You’re Fired!

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It happened today, I fired myself. After all if guys like Donald Trump can do it why not me? I’ve just finished writing a book about my life journey. After reading through all the chapters and all the stories, I have come to the conclusion that this old Craig guy is just not working out. He does not fit in his world of today. The old Craig was always stuck in his past. This is not the guy I need on my team. Today I must have someone who is here now, in the present and ready to take on all challenges. I’ve learned a few things from this old Craig and that was good, but now he is just not keeping up. The old Craig is holding my team down! Now some may be upset about his departure, if so just call me and I will update you on the current facts of his demise and what is in store for the future. At times he will be missed, that’s for certain. However his replacement will have some qualities to replace some of the old Craig’s faults. I know the replacement will be of good character, a productive man, a caring and loving man with a passion for all the good things life has to offer. I know this replacement will be able to be counted on and a man of great integrity. So with all my heartfelt emotions, I have had to let him go. It was tough watching him pack up his baggage and be escorted out the door by my security team, but it had to be! I’ve notified all the positive powers in my life and now those of you I like and love that today August 2nd, 2012 we fired old Craig!

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FollowCraig: Internet, Prescriptions & Ammo

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This horrible shooting in Aurora, CO last week has sparked a fury over gun laws in this country and it should. Mayor Bloomberg of New York, City has called for our Presidential candidates to offer a plan to address this very issue and I can not agree more. You see, if I wish to order a prescription medication, I need to have a prescription to get it. I can’t just get on-line and put in an order without this permission slip from my doctor. However if I want to order 1000 rounds of ammunition from a gun store or the internet, I don’t even need a gun permit! Are we a mess in this country or what? So far two sitting US Congressmen have spoken openly that “had someone else in the theater only been armed, this shooter could have been taken out” Is this nuts or what? Did the scope of the 2nd amendment really intend this, that we all should carry a side arm? I am appalled at these thoughts. We in America, the supposed most civilized nation in the world is willing to accept this! Americans kill with guns more people on our streets than most of the free western world combined! (click here) I do think we need to address these issues, we need to talk about them. We spend way to much effort talking about insignificant issues, perhaps because we fear the ones that scare us most?

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FollowCraig: Playing Small

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For over ten years or better now I have been playing small. That was not my old life, I did play big or so I thought? My life is and has been a wonderful experience. I’ve had many great blessings occur over my lifetime. It’s odd though that only now in recent years have I grown to realize this truth. Later this year I will be releasing my new book and am so looking forward to sharing so many experiences and truths with others. One of the many things I have learned is to stop playing small. At least for me it has served no real positive purpose. I truly believe that we are placed on this earth to do Gods work, to reach out and teach or help others find their way, their dreams and to embrace life. I’ve been very blessed to have had so many roads to travel in my life and I have taken many. Sometimes with careless abandon and others with extreme focus. I have had hopeless failures and disappointments and exhilarating success. Money has come and money has gone. But the wonder of the memories all remain. There is no reason for anyone not to have the life God intends for us to have. It is a responsibility I have to myself, my family and all those I love to share these stories. I can tell you from experience the things that work and those that don’t. The road to a decision and the right and the wrong. I know what damage lies do as well as truths, like diet and exercise. When we take steps each day of our life to build a foundation or what happens when we never lift a single block. God does not want us to play small, life dictates we jump in with both feet win and loose. Exercise our minds our bodies and souls. Reach out beyond ourselves and give all we can to others and let our failures be our successes. I am no longer playing small!

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FollowCraig: “I’ve Evolved”

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Just the other day, President Obama stated he has evolved regarding his position of same-sex marriage. That has made the news big time! Historical it’s called, a sitting President taking this position at such a crucial time in politics and our nation. Was he brave, was he bold? I don’t really know and whether you are in agreement with his statement is not really the point. We all evolve overtime, as we grow older and our experiences build the foundations of our lives. In my own life I have evolved from a non-spiritual point of view to a very strong faith-based point of view. I’ve evolved to be more responsible, to be a better father, a better husband, a better son and perhaps a better man. You see as the world moves and we become more engaged in its importance, we become less involved in ours. We evolve! I commend Mr. Obama for taking a stand, but mostly that he was willing to and continues to evolve. Maybe we should all work a little each day in our lives to explore, learn, engage and continue to evolve.

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FollowCraig: What color are your Grandchildren?

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Let’s be clear on this, I was born a white guy, into a Mormon family located in California. I didn’t have any control of over who my family would be? What a surprise, I am just like everyone else. Not one of us can pick our family, where and what religion or not we are born. For those of us lucky enough to live here in the USA; “the melting pot of the world” we are hopefully raised to be accepting of our differences and celebrate the common ribbons that tie our lives together. So why is it we have so much racism and fear of those who look, talk or worship different from us? I think it’s fear of the uncertain. As a Christian man, it fascinates me that so many people forget we are all God‘s children. We come in all colors, cultures and faiths. I heard a story the other day of two older German Lutherans who have lived in Los Angeles all their adult live. Over time the neighborhood has evolved and is mostly populated with people of Hispanic heritage. When they go to church they see so many people who are not white Germans, they wonder what color their grandchildren will be? They are afraid their own legacy won’t survive. Why do we forget that our color and heritage does not matter to God? We cannot change the family we were born to, nor the place we were born. We can however choose our beliefs and faith. So, what color are your grandchildren to be? I know the color of mine are love.

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FollowCraig: ?Peace?

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I’m a child of the 60’s, a baby boomer! The word peace had such a different meaning back then. The war in Vietnam was raging, the Beatles were riding in a yellow submarine and Tim Leary said just drop some acid and drop out! John Lennon’s song “Imagine” perhaps is the rare remnant of that turbulent time that transcends our generations?  We now think of peace as being comfortable in our own skin. I would love to see us all fight for peace in the world like we did back then. I for one have reached so deep for such inner peace that I have often forgotten about the real struggles in our world. Perhaps the real inner peace we are searching for comes from helping others find theirs? Suppose everyday, we just reached out to one new person who could use some help, a hand up or a kind word? Would that not really give us “Inner Peace”? I guess I still have some work to do, how about you?

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